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     Are you hosting the greatest event ever seen in the Greater San Diego Area?  Then you need a photographer there to make sure everyone remembers it.  I want to make sure that the picture of the CEO presenting an award to the employee of year at your annual company picnic is one to remember.  Or making sure that your friends dancing the cha-cha at your wedding is never forgotten by you or by them.  

      As a Veteran my favorite moments to be a part of are those heartfelt homecomings between a Sailor or Marine and their families.  

      Please contact me if you have any questions regarding event photos and packages:

-Squadron or Ship Homecomings

-Company or Command Party/Picnic

-Social or Networking Event

Just to name a few.


Event Coverage - $250.00

-3 hrs of candid photos taken during your event capturing the great times enjoyed by your participants.

Military Homecoming Coverage -$150.00

-2 hrs of coverage of any squadron / unit homecoming event to capture those moments where loved ones are reunited.  I am extremely flexible with Homecomings, I know they can come at any time.

VAW-115 Homecoming


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