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Phone:  858-381-4502                              

Photo Shoot Packages - All photo shoots include a phone consult as well as cropping and minor touch ups to photos provided.

Holiday Card Special -  $50.00

- 30 minute photo shoot at the location of your choice.  You receive 5 digital pics to use for you family card.

Personal / Family Photo Shoot - $125.00 (now with digital prints)

-1 hr photo shoot of a family to include posed photos and candids at a location at your choosing.  Package comes with thirty digital pictures available for download.

Sports Photos - $250.00

-3 hrs of photos taken during sporting events capturing the greatest moments of the event.  This group package is great for teams or their parents that want to share the expense. Comes with 15 digital pictures. If you're interested, please ask about our intro offer.

Sports Season Pass - $1000.00

-Season Pass is a package of five games of Sports Photos as described above.

Automotive / Motorcycle Shoot - $50.00 per 1/2hr

-1/2hr photo shoot of an Automotive/Motorcycle at any location and five digital pictures for each 1/2hr.  In order to maximize the number of backdrops available at a location an hour is recommended.

Event Coverage - $250.00

-3 hrs of candid photos taken during your event capturing the great times enjoyed by your participants. (For weddings please request a quote)

Corporate Product Display - $200.00

-2 hrs photographing products or services for use on company websites.

Military Homecoming Coverage -$150.00

-2 hrs of coverage of any squadron / unit homecoming event to capture those moments where love ones are reunited.  Comes with thirty digital prints available for download.

Photo Packages

Personal Package - Solo: $8.00

-Consists of two 4x6 and one 5x7 Photos

Personal Package - Couple: $20.00

-Consists of four 4x6 and three 5x7 Photos

Personal Package - Large: $15.00

-Consists of two 8x10 Photos

Family Package: $50.00

Consists of five 4x6, four 5x7, and three 8x10 Photos

Small Family Package:  $30.00

-Consists of four 4x6, three 5x7, and one 8x10 Photos

Editing / Digital Packages

Effects Editing Package: $15.00

Package includes the editing of five photos of your choice to display with special effects.

HDR Package: $30.00

This package is great for displaying your Car or Motorcycle with incredible detail

Model Package: $15.00

Package includes the editing of five photos of your choice for use as modeling shots.

Product / Event Digital Picture Package: $30.00

20 pictures of your choice burned onto a CD for your use

Social Media Picture Package: $5.00

20 watermarked pictures of your choice burned onto a CD for your use on social media $5.00

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