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E-mail: ryanklintphoto@gmail.com

Phone:  858-381-4502                              

Photographer in the Field

      I started taking pictures in 1998 after seeing some of the pictures my friends were able to capture.  After taking some classes in junior college and reading photography books I began to experiment learn the fundamentals using my Aunt's Nikkormat Film SLR camera, the same one that she used to photograph me as a young child.  

      I began discovering the types of pictures I loved to take.  I experimented with portraits of friends and family trying to learn as much as I could.  I wasn't satisfied only with portraits I took pictures at my siblings' sports games and at my colleges swim meets so I could experiment on how to capture those thrill of the moment actions shots.  As other events took place I took my camera every where I could to shoot pictures, including Croquet matches.

      After college and during my time in the Navy, I would always pack my camera on board the carrier and try to save snapshots of wonders I witnessed out in the world.  When I finally was living abroad I converted to digital and found an amazing companion for my travels  throughout Japan, Asia, and the Western Pacific.  

         Now that I have returned to the beautiful city of San Diego I want to continue my passion for photography by capturing the greatest events of Southern California.  After all, there is no better place to live and enjoy life.

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