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           Everyone understands the rush of competition.  Ryan Klint Photo is on the field to capture the rush of blood pumping in your veins as you dodge past your opponent or the scream of your heartbeat as you reach for the wall of the pool.  We capture pictures of you or your favorite athletes so you can focus on the sport.

            With the clarity in our photography you can see if your pitch, stroke, or footwork is perfect or if it needs some more improvement.  A series of pictures capture the both the drama inherent in competition while also providing a step towards improving your game.

           I offer two separate Sports Photo shoot packages as listed below.  Every sporting event shoot involves me doing a pre-event walk around to determine the best vantage points.  If you're interested in photo packages or have any questions please contact me either by phone or e-mail.

           I hope to see you on the field. 


Sports Photos* - $250.00

-3 hrs of photos taken during sporting events capturing the greatest moments of the event.

Sports Season Pass - $1000.00

-Season Pass is a package of five games of Sports Photos as described above.

* When scheduling a shoot the information below is useful so that I may best serve your needs.

           If you are a coach, athlete, or a parent I want to allow you to say yes to both these questions:

-What if I could save the memory of that amazing play or race for everyone to see?  

-If I could look at my athletes frame by frame could I help them get better?       

All Sporting events are different and the information below will help us be prepared for yours.  Thank you and hope to see you on the field, in the water, or on the track.

Helpful Info:

       Date & Time: please specify the exact start time and normal duration of the event

       Location:  Address and what field the event will be on. (i.e. Field A, Center Field)

       Sport:  Soccer, Baseball, Football, Swimming, Triathon, Surfing, etc...

       Ages:  The players ages are Elementary, Junior or Senior High, or Adult

       Team:  Name & League

       Point of Contact:  Name, Cell phone number, and email address


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